Service and spare parts

Meteor examines and repairs all Meteor winding machines which were produced since the 1960’s.

A customer can order a complete overhaul or just limited repair. In the test laboratory Meteor can diagnose precisely all parts from winding spindles to electronic prints to recommend a repair or replacement to the customer.

As well Meteor provides all parts and services to upgrade used Meteor machines which are as old as 50 years.

  • A customer benefits from original Meteor spare parts
  • Average availability of spare parts on stock in Meteor’s inventory is 80%
  • Delivery of parts on stock to Europe and the US is as fast as 48 hours from the time of order.

In the details following winding machines:

M 11   M 20   M 21   M 21 S   M 22
ME 307   M 40   M 60   M 62   M 120
MMS 100   MMS 110   MMS 200   MMS 201   PRA 400 / 600
PRA 620 und PRA 620A   PRA 1000   MLS        

In the details following Wire guide systems:

ME 483   ME 484   ME 485   MDR 033 / 033A